About Us

About Downes Vision & Leadership

Lou Downes started up Downes Swimming Pool Company in 1970 as a means to pay for his college education after serving as an army lieutenant.  He earned his degree in 1974 and pools became his profession.  With the help of his son Mike Downes, the company has expanded to 90+ employees with a fleet of over 40+ trucks.  With 45+ years of experience, Downes pools is a trusted and respected name in the area for pool maintenance, design, and construction.  Mike Downes continues to drive the family business into the 21st century with the same focus and attention to detail that is largely built on style, quality, and reliable customer service.

Deep Downes Vision

The vision of Downes Pool has expanded well beyond what was originally a pool maintenance service led by Lou himself.  The Downes Team's 'Quality First' mentality has attracted the best and brightest residential architects and custom builders, as well as commercial developers and landscape professionals who are responsible for large projects.  The Downes team along with their skilled designers, build beautiful masterpieces one pool at a time.  Downes has successfully built one of the most respected names in the area through customer satisfaction.

The Downes Promise

Downes warrants that the pool will remain structurally sound for 5 years from the date of plastering. There is also a 3-year limited warranty on pool and spa pumps, heaters, and filters (labor and material). The original owner may transfer that warranty upon payment of a transfer fee, taking the hassle out of selling your home. Please note that specific terms, conditions, and exclusions are spelled out in our construction agreement.