Commercial Pool Service

Hundreds of large commercial swimming pools throughout the Chicago area and southern Wisconsin depend upon Downes Swimming Pool Company to maintain the functionality and cleanliness of their pools. Service is a full half of our business! Please call us – we will create a service plan custom tailored to your needs, be they daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, or yearly maintenance.

Our experienced and responsible crews are trained and retrained yearly on all the newest developments, technologies, and laws concerning commercial pools. We are experts on the Virginia Graeme Baker Act and have been updating pools to meet these regulations for the past year. Call us if you have needs or questions in that regard. Also, please click on the separate link to the Virginia Graeme Baker Act.

Downes offers regular maintenance and 24-hour emergency service…whatever you need when you need it. We have been a trusted resource for commercial needs since 1974. We look forward to working with you soon.